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Classic style that endures...

When I was a young man fresh out of school, I worked in Manhattan's (NYC) kinetic corporate complex. My title and place of employment were far more impressive than my salary. Being an aspirational young lad, I wanted to dress for success (that's what we did back then). Frankly, my taste in suits did not quite reconcile with my income so I sought to find better quality on an entry-level budget by combing the thrift shops for good quality suits. I purchased a suit with a label that read 'Zegna' in an Upper East Side thrift shop for $50. It was made in Italy and had a fine herringbone pattern in somber gray. It was understated, yet there was something in its fit and detail that breathed quality.

Classic Style Website Design

I took that suit to a tailor for some minor adjustments; an old Italian fellow in my neighborhood who ran the local dry cleaner. His eyes lit up when he saw what I had. For the next ten minutes, he showed me detail by detail why this suit was of excellent quality. The hand finished pick stitching on the lapels, the fine quality of wool, the floating canvas jacket lining, working cuffs... This tailor respected well-made clothing, not surprising given that he had been a suitmaker in Italy as a younger man. I learned that Zegna was one of Italy's top suitmakers. That suit would cost nearly $1,000.00 new. My thrift shop find and that tailor's enthusiasm gave me an enhanced appreciation for enduring quality

Whenever I wore that suit to work, it received the quiet nod of approval by those who knew quality. I've owned that suit for more than twenty years. Fads come and go, but that suit always generates compliments. It breathes quality. It is a classic, and classic style endures.

Classic Web Design Style Endures...

I found it a bit amusing to read a blog post recently about the current trends in web design. Truthfully, most 'trends' are really fads that are copied by new designers entering the field. Web design, in general, is too new to have generated an enduring body of classic design work. However, like that Zegna suit (or a classic Chanel suit for women), classic web design style is enduring. Good taste in web design never ages as rapidly as ephemeral trends and fads. It endures and looks appropriate year after year.

Classic Web Design Style, Chanel

I hope that some of my best web design from the nearly two decades of in this profession will be considered classic in the eyes of others. While adapting to new technology and a mobile-friendly world, my basic principles of design have not changed. Good taste and the human touch are the fundamental principles behind my work to this day. My web design portfolio catalogs some of my best work for small businesses who care about style and presentation.

web design style - #1

That Zegna suit still looks as elegant and tasteful as ever. A good suit can last a lifetime if it is properly cared for. I think classic web design style should also have an appeal that stands the test of time...

P.S. No, I did not start buying uber-expensive clothing after my 'Zegna' experience, I just became very good at finding quality fashion bargains...

Classic Web Design Style Redux

by Don Peterson