My Classics Collection | Portfolio is a showcase of my best projects from the past twelve years. Although I  have a new mobile friendly web design, I decided to maintain links to my archived web design samples because they continue to receive quite a bit of interest (a number of schools teaching web design use these samples and articles for their curriculum).

Classic Collection - Web Design Portfolio

Classic, Emotional Web Design

I strive to make an emotional connection to the viewer with each web site design. Doing so gives my web design clients a competitive advantage. Most of what is seen on the Web looks like it was created by programmers for programmers. Web sites are often visually cluttered and technically complex, in ways that intimidate and challenge viewers. However, my classic web design strives to be welcoming, comfortable and simple to navigate. That intrinsic personality makes my design more likable, humane, and appealing to consumers. As a result, customers to focus on your product and message, not the technology that surrounds it.

The Human Touch

Often, the emphasis on technology in online marketing has ignored the far more important value of the human touch. People respond to people far more readily than they do to computers. Conveying the human touch in online marketing makes it more likely that you will connect with potential customers. Likableness, warmth, a sense of hospitality and kindness go much farther in attracting new customers than having the latest visual tricks and toys in your web design. Make that connection, and you are more likely to win over a customer. My creative process for nearly two decades has been based on this reality. Avoiding fads and gimmicks, I focus on what matters most to you and your customers.

Web Design Portfolio - Classics Collection

My fees are small business friendly. I take great pride in delivering world class web design at rates that are affordable for start-ups and small business owners that know the importance of looking their best online.

I have developed web sites for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organizations. My proven methodology has helped businesses worldwide to develop effective online presentations. I would love the opportunity to create an effective and compelling website design for your business.

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