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Web design is in the midst of a quiet revolution because of the newly developed muscle of the Mobile Web. Your business website must adapt to that revolution or lose potential business. As a freelance website designer for nearly two decades, I've seen sweeping changes in business-to-consumer interactions prompted by smartphones and tablets. Consumers are making portable Web-enabled devices the tool of choice for researching local retailers and products.

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I can help you to capture your share of this vital new market. The year 2013 witnessed the first ever decline in the sales of pc computers and laptops since the 'dotcom' bust more than eleven years ago. However, as traditional desktop computers and laptops have seen a decline, mobile web devices such as tablets and powerful smartphones are enjoying skyrocketing sales. In fact, early 2013 was the tipping point, when more tablets were sold than computers.

What does this mean for your business, and your website? Fundamentally, your website must change, or lose. Any website that offers information or news that adds value for customers or potential customers must adapt now to meet the growing force of the mobile web market. For most small businesses, that means upgrading to “Responsive” website design. Now!

What Is Responsive Web Design?

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Basically, a responsive website “responds” and adapts to the device being used to view it. It may go from two or three columns to one to fit the screen width of smartphones or tablets. The navigation collapses to be accessible without having to scroll from left to right. Images and video shrink to fit the screen. The photo below shows the benefits of responsive webdesign. On the left, we see a normal, non-responsive website. It cannot adapt to the width of the small smartphone screen, requiring the viewer to scroll from left to right and up and down to view content. In contrast, a responsive website is seen in the right side. The home page image has been automatically re-sized to fit the iPhone screen perfectly. The menu and text layout is automatically adapted to the smaller screen. “Responsive” web design has this ability to adapt to all mobile web devices built in.

Who Needs Responsive Web Design?

Frankly, every business will benefit from responsive web design. Consumers are using mobile devices to research buying decisions, and to make online purchases. Mobile payments will no doubt accelerate this trend, making mobile devices the preferred device for e-commerce. Those who do not adapt will not reach this fast-growing market. This year, tablets will outsell personal computers. Many consumers are allowing their home computers to lay idle while they use tablets and smartphones for more and more of their day to day needs. Most online news sources have already upgraded to “Responsive web design.” The savvy small business owner needs to do the same.

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Here’s a typical scenario that shows the need for responsive web design: A typical user may do some quick browsing on their smartphone during their lunch hour to research a potential purchase. They find an interesting website, and bookmark it. Later that evening, on a home desktop computer, they go back to the same website seen earlier on their smartphone for more research. If your website is responsive, it will be able to serve that potential customer fully on both Web-enabled devices. See our Small Business Guide to Responsive Web Design from New York Mobile Website Design for more in-depth information. Our Mobile Web Design Portfolio features recent examples of our worn for a wide range of clients.

How Mobile Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Google states that responsive web design is its top recommendation for mobile friendly websites. This is because responsive websites avoid the issue of duplicate content caused by having two websites, one for desktop computers, and another for mobile. That may dilute the search engine ranking of both websites. You provide a more favorable candidate for strong search engine rankings by having one website that does it all. In addition, having one url for all Web-enable devices to browse makes it easier for your potential customers. And that’s a good thing!

What Will Responsive Website Upgrades Cost?

Creating a responsive website does require more time and skill than a standard website design. If you want a more “bespoke” design, it may be as much as 20-50% more than the equivalent non-responsive model. However, there are other options for the small business owner on a budget. Responsive web design need not be an expensive upgrade. By duplicating common standards for certain elements of the design process, costs can be reduced. By using popular tools such as WordPress, a web designer can more efficiently upgrade your website to be responsive. For example, here is a fully responsive website design we created for the home improvement and real estate market. We are able to keep the price of this website within the budgets of small business owners by adapting the basic layout and responsive capabilities to a variety of businesses. This is the same website seen in the iphone responsive web design sample shown above.

Mobile Web Design With Emotional Appeal

Let’s face it. It's not easy to motivate consumers nowadays, especially online. I have a proven solution. It’s called emotional web design. Why “emotional?” Because it touches the hearts of viewers, generating an emotional response that makes your website more appealing and unforgettable. To make a successful connection with a potential customer, it is vital to stir their emotions in some way. I use carefully crafted web design that stirs a yearning for your product or services. In fact, we consider emotion the most vital component of our business-to-consumer website design.

Featured Freelance Mobile Website Design Projects

My freelance mobile web design projects feature compelling design, smartphone compatibility, and effective search engine optimization. Feel free to browse my web design gallery for more samples of my work.

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Profit From The Growing Mobile Web Market

Taking advantage of the fast-growing mobile market should not be put off. I can help you to serve the needs of this fast growing market. Call Don Peterson, Freelance Mobile Website Designer, at 917-267-9281 for a free consultation. I can show you options that will help you to benefit from the mobile web market and meet your budget.

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