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Our Classics Collection | Portfolio; is a showcase of our best projects from the past twelve years. Although we know have a new MOBILE FRIENDLY WEB DESIGN PORTFOLIO AT HTTP://NEWARK1.COM, we decided to maintain links to our archived web design samples because they continue to receive quite a bit of interest (a number of schools teaching web design use these samples and articles for their curriculum). As you can see, this page is not mobile-friendly. However the web design samples shown can continue to serve as a source of inspiration.


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... our classics collection features a clean, elegant, emotional approach to web design that allows customers to focus on your product and message, not the technology that surrounds it.

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Classic, Emotional Web Design Is Our Forte

We strive to make an emotional connection to the viewer with each web site we create. Doing so gives our web design clients a competitive advantage. Most of what we see on the Web feels like it was created by programmers for programmers. Most web sites are visually cluttered and technically complex, in ways that intimidate and challenge viewers. However, our classic web design style strives to be welcoming, comfortable and simple to navigate. That intrinsic personality makes our design more likeable, more human, and more appealing to consumers. As a result, customers to focus on your product and message, not the technology that surrounds it.


One of the biggest challenges that comes with each web design project is creating the right image. Selecting photos, graphics, and colors that convey the right message and that work together as part of the larger design is hard work. The time put into this effort pays off, as seen in this BEAUTY & COSMETICS WEB DESIGN. The end result is a web design that shows attention to detail that is appreciated by the client and potential customers.

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A Design Portfolio With the Human Touch

Often, the emphasis on technology in online marketing has ignored the far more important value of the human touch. People respond to people far more readily than they do to computers. Conveying the human touch in online marketing makes it more likely that you will connect with potential customers. Likeableness, warmth, a sense of hospitality and kindness go much farther in attracting new customers than having the latest visual tricks and toys in your web design. Make that connection, and you are more likely to win over a customer. Our creative process for more than twelve years has been based on this reality. Learn more about our process on our SMALL BUSINESS WEB DESIGN page.

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Our portfolio is a demonstration of the proven principles that guide our creative efforts. Avoiding fads and gimmicks, we focus on what matters most to you and your customers. We take great pride in providing the best possible solution for the needs of each of our web design clients.

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Our fees are small business friendly. We take great pride in delivering world class web design at rates that are affordable for start-ups and small business owners that know the importance of looking their best online. Also, we have a range of pre-made web sites that can easily be adopted to your needs at an affordable price.

We have developed web sites for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organizations. Our proven methodology has helped businesses worldwide to develop effective online presentations. We can also help you to create your best web site ever! We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy our hard-working examples of NEWARK1 WEB DESIGN STYLE.

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Travel Web Design Portfolio
travel web design portfolio

Beauty Products Web Design
Spa & Wellness

Chocolate Web Design
Toffee Candy Confectioners
Artisan Baker Web Design

Charities & Fundraising
Small Business Web Design
Business Services / Coaching
Public Relations
Business Brokers
Marketing / Consulting
Regional Business Center

Psychologist / Life Coach
Stylish Budget Web Design

Real Estate / Interior Design
Real Estate Broker
REmax Real Estate Office
Real Estate Services Center
Virginia Real Estate

Wedding Planner Web Design
Wedding / Bridal Web Design
Romantic Decorating Services
Wedding Portal

Senior Community Web Design

Boutique - Specialty Shop
Organic Textiles
Men's Fashion & Clothing Tips

Contractor Web Design

Larry Roibal, Illustrator
Classical Music Portal
Flower Photography & Gallery

Not For Profit Web Design
Not For Profit Foundation
Branch Brook Park



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Browse our portfolio to see many examples of businesses just like yours that we have helped to market online successfully.

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We specialize in business-to-consumer web design that makes an appeal to both the intellect and emotions. With over twelve years of experience, and a background rooted in advertising, we employ sound marketing principles along with compelling design to fashion compelling online presentations.

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We have served a wide-range of industries and service sectors with effective web design, including: real estate, travel, consulting, wedding services, beauty & cosmetics, hospitals, photography, spa, wellness, and numerous others. Any business that needs to appeal to the hearts of consumers can benefit from our web design.

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All work is done on a flat-fee contract basis that puts all requirements and deliverables in writing for your protection. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our working methods or desire a free price quote on your web design project.

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